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Fellow is from San Francisco, built by a handful of nerds in love with coffee and obsessed with product design. We're here because you should never have to choose between aesthetics and functionality.

Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a beginner, you should have fun with the craft of brewing. We want Fellow to be your partner in the pursuit of a ridiculously good cup of coffee.


「TRUNK COFFEE BAR」創辦人,鈴木康夫,為了學習咖啡藝術,前往最多咖啡冠軍的國家,丹麥,一家歷史悠久的咖啡館工作,成為店裡第一位來自日本的咖啡師。之後,他回到日本參與展店,成為該咖啡館海外第一家分店的首席咖啡師。2014 年,鈴木先生在名古屋成立「TRUNK COFFEE BAR」;為了推廣第三波咖啡衍生的生活風格,他結合故鄉中部的「美濃燒」陶瓷產業文化,成立 Origami 品牌。 Origami 代表一種生活風格,喝咖啡成為一種時尚。如同摺紙用的紙張顏色,色彩豐富的 Origami 給你多樣化的選擇,隨著場合不同能有所變化,運用色彩變化,創造咖啡陶瓷杯的生命與活力。